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Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 10:27:32 +0800
Subject: A Governmentality tangent

greetings all

I've spent some time focussing on governmentality in my undergraduate and
honours study, and at the moment I am interested in the historical
connection with England. But given my location in Western Australia, I have
not been able to track down the only native English text Foucault mentions
in his piece on Governmentality, Thomas Ellyot's "The Governor". Given the
differences in the political/legal/economic forms of governance between the
Florentine republic and 16th century England (the culture that had the
largest impact on contemporary Anglophone cultures, I am intrigued to know
what the English commentators said, of themselves, and in response to
Machiavelli. Can anyone direct me in the right direction for a copy?

Thanks in advance

Chris Dent


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