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Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998 11:40:51 +1200
Subject: Foucauldian examinations of The Market

At 10:04 03/09/98 -0400, Doug wrote:
>apparently no one has done a Foucaultian examination of The Market, much to
>my endless disappointment.


Be disappointed no longer.  Scan the pages of the journal 'Economy and
Society', or the work of Nikolas Rose, Peter Miller and their cohort.  They
(amongst others) have explored the rise of 'enterprise culture' in Britain
(originally, although this has 'global' relevance) over the last twenty,
from a broadly conceived frame of governmentality.  Also, of course, there
is Stuart Hall and other's work on Thatcherism (although this is not
devoutly 'Foucauldian').



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