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Subject: Re: decadent soldier sleeps in the field 
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 13:29:13 +0100

The Shorter Oxford Dictionary on Historical Principles suggests:

Decadence... 1549. [- Fr. _decadence_ - med.L. _decadentia_, f. _decadent_-,
pres. ppl. stem of Rom. *_decadere_; see DECAY v., -ENCE.] The process of
falling away or declining; decay; impaired condition; spec. applied to a
particular period of decline in art, literature, etc.

_cadere_ in Latin is to fall, so _de-cadere_ is to fall away. Nesta's
suggestion is at least part right.

At least regards the question of art, Nietzsche is worth reading on this.
See also David Farrell Krell's Infectious Nietzsche.

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Date: Monday, October 05, 1998 16:03
Subject: decadent soldier sleeps in the field

>i know this is very vague and much too difficult to answer in a few
>sentences but .. could you all give me your 'definitions' of the word
>'decadence' .. or rather what you think it connotes and what you think
>it SHOULD mean or encomprise etc ..
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