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Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 14:39:52 +0100
Subject: Re: Biomedical discoursive and non-discoursive practices around 

I've read book and papers by Waldby.
But that is not my point.
Waldby's point of view ist a feminist one (worked out in the 
community around Kippax, Grosz, Lupton). She interprets the 
biomedical discourse as a political discourse, that equates sexual 
health with heterosexual manliness. Therefore men are not the 
adressat of  prevention programmes and this opens the question, whose 
interests are represented in the public health concept of a "healthy 
So Waldbys perspective is - in Bruno Latour's terminology - 
"assymmetrical". And that is also Latour's reproach against Foucault. 
But I think that this argument doesn't work.
One of my ideas is to conect Foucault with Bachelard. Sure, there are 
parallels ... but my main argumemt is that both, Foucaults archaelogy 
and Bachelard's epistemology, reject the subject-object-scheme, that 
both  argumentations are situated in a zone between subject and 
object: "phenomenon-technics" and "self-technologies".
Another idea is to conect Foucault with the actor-network-theory by 
Latour. I think you can do it.
So far ...

 Date:          Mon, 12 Oct 1998 
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> From: (Ned Rossiter)
> Subject:       Re: Biomedical discoursive and non-discoursive practices around AIDS
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> you might check Catherine Waldby's _AIDS and the Body Politic_ (Routledge,
> 1996).
> Ned
> >I am working with a Foucauldian framework on biomedical dicourses
> >around HIV/AIDS. My aim is to demonstrate, that a Foucauldian
> >analysis is not only functioning in the field of human sciences, but
> >also in the field of "hard sciences". Do anyone know something about
> >this? Is anyone of you intersted to start a discussion about Foucault
> >and natural sciences?
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