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Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 02:57:34 +0800
Subject: Re: Biomedical discoursive and non-discoursive practices around

>my main argumemt is that both, Foucaults archaelogy
>and Bachelard's epistemology, reject the subject-object-scheme, that
>both  argumentations are situated in a zone between subject and
>object: "phenomenon-technics" and "self-technologies".
>Another idea is to conect Foucault with the actor-network-theory by
>Latour. I think you can do it.

thanks for the elaboration of your project Joerg; I wasn't exactly sure
where you were coming from/heading; Waldby was just a suggestion.

it's the schematics of subject-object relations that interest me here, and
I think you're spot on to intuit [at least how that's how i sense it most
of the time] a connection between F. and ANT [this connection also
implicates Heidegger, and Deleuze-Guattari].  the keele uni web page has an
excellent ANT bib, and a number of essays: Robert Cooper's 'Assemblage
notes', [links to
the rest], touches on deleuze-ANT

Nick Lee and Steve Brown's "Otherness and the Actor Network" American
Behavioural Scientist 37.6 (May 1994), pp. 772-790, does some useful moves
with Latour/ANT, Heidegger, Foucault.  The whole issue is devoted to ANT,
and includes Latour's "Pragmatogonies" essay.

while it's not hugely 'enlightening', of possible relevance: Henk Bodewitz
et al's 'Regulatory Science and the Social Management of Trust in Medicine'
in Bijker, Wiebe E., Thomas P. Hughes, and Trevor Pinch (eds), The Social
Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and
History of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1989.

 Among his numerous reflections on thinking beyond subject-object
relations, Deleuze has this neat little thing to say in _Negotiations_: 'I
think I've found a concept of the Other, by defining it as neither an
object nor a subject (an other subject) but the expression of a possible
world' (147).

maybe these ref's are already familiar

sorry for my pathetic lack of any elaboration on  the above,

best wishes, Ned

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