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Subject: Re: Borges Map
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 14:50:09 -0000

This is interesting - thanks for these responses. The Borges' citation is
exactly what i needed. I didn't mean to confuse people who thought I was
looking for Foucault's citation of Borges' citation of... just that those
people on a Foucault list might also know Borges :)

Can anyone give me an English reference for Eco's citation? (I don't read

Best wishes and many thanks


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From: Joachim Rinck <>
Date: Wednesday, December 30, 1998 17:50
Subject: Re: Borges Map

> Borges gives a source in his article on the exactitude in science
> (Suarez Miranda: Viajes de varones prudentes, book 4, chapter XLV,
> Lerida 1658). Do you know whether such a book really existes???
> Probably not, but how knos more about it?
> Arne

I found the same quote in a text by Umberto Eco. He cites it as
chapter XIV. Eco describes this (diverting) text as an hommage to
Borges. I think you can find it in 'Diario Minimo'.

> Sebastian Gurciullo wrote:
> > if you are asking for a reference to this story in Foucault, i have no
> > but if you are asking for a reference to the Borges story itself, i can
> > help. it can be found in *A Universal History of Infamy* (Penguin 1984),
> > title is "Of Exactitude in Science", and it occurs on p. 131. It is
short ...


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