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Subject: RE: biopower: Agamben/Foucault.  
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 17:22:04 +0100

Roberto wrote

>Zoe: bare life
>Bios: political life
>Today, it has become difficult to separe clearly these two lifes.
>This difficulty, is it the effect of sovereign power or the effect of new
>forces of resistance and creation of the subjects?
>Agamben's answer oscillates between these two possibilities.
>It's not the case in Foucault, who clearly thinks that biopolitics is new
>form of gouvernment that was not  present in the classic world.

If this inquiry is taking us into the discussion of Zoe, can i recommend
David Farrell Krell's Daimon Life (Indiana, 1993) and Heidegger, The
Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics (Indiana 1992)?

This opens up some (more) interesting comparisons between Heidegger and

Thanks for the thought Roberto



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