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Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 18:01:49 +1000
Subject: RE: biopower: Agamben/Foucault.  

Paul, thanks for this reference.  I will try to get in touch and get a copy.


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>I heard Professor Wlad Godzich of the University of Geneva give a brilliant
>paper on this very topic.  I cannot attempt to summarize it; perhaps you
>should write to Godzich for a copy.  PAB
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>Subject:	biopower: Agamben/Foucault.
>I have recently been doing some work on biopower, particularly using
>Giorgio Agamben's book called 'Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life'.
>In the introduction to this book, Agamben claims that Foucault
>overemphasises the historical distinction between sovereignty and
>biopolitics and goes on to argue that 'the inclusion of bare life
>[Aristotle's zoe] constitutes the original - if concealed - nucleus of
>sovereign power...the production of the biopolitical body is the original
>activity of sovereign power' (p6).  I would be interested to know what
>other people who have read this book think of Agamben's critique of
>Foucault and of his own arguments regarding biopower, especially around the
>generalisation of the exception in modern politics.
>Thanks,  Catherine


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