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Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 11:35:53 +1000
Subject: Re: On Governmentality

While not working through F's governmentality argument, Pheng Cheah's 
"Posit(ion)ing Human Rights in the Current Global Conjuncture", 
Public Culture 9.2 (1997): 233-266 may nonetheless be useful for you 
in that he critiques various modes of normativity (legal, moral, 
ethical) operating across the universality of human rights by 
considering the way material and subjective conditions arising from 
forces of global capital "contaminate" such a rational  system.


>I'm a danish master student, present doing my master degree on
>Governmentality and Human Rights: My approach is on governmental agencies
>way of using different human rights and democracies conditions in their
>relationsship with the 3. world.
>In the analysis of this aspect, the later work of Foucault is to be used. I
>have read most of the later work of Foucault and is attentive to the work
>of such writters as Nicolas Rose and Colin Gordon on the aspects of
>But I would be very gratefull if anyone could help me with references if
>any concerning Governmentality, Human Rights and the 3. World or something
>which could be interessting for my approach. Since I am present living in
>Paris and have access to the Michel Foucalut Center the references could
>also be from conferences or non-published papers available at the center.
>Thanks in advance.
>Maria Blankensteiner

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