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Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 21:44:10 EDT
Subject: Re: On Governmentality

Maria, Ned, and others,

Studies on governmentality have focused upon the stabilizing effect of 
expanding market relations between individuals, as counterintuitive as that 
may sound, ungovernmentality is apparently not due to global capitalist 
expansion, but to its reverse, up to the point of the questioning of regimes 
on the basis of legitimacy.
See Claus Offe for more references on this perspective.

Fred Welfare

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<< While not working through F's governmentality argument, Pheng Cheah's 
 "Posit(ion)ing Human Rights in the Current Global Conjuncture", 
 Public Culture 9.2 (1997): 233-266 may nonetheless be useful for you 
 in that he critiques various modes of normativity (legal, moral, 
 ethical) operating across the universality of human rights by 
 considering the way material and subjective conditions arising from 
 forces of global capital "contaminate" such a rational  system.


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