File spoon-archives/foucault.archive/foucault_2000/foucault.0006, message 22

Subject: RE: Ever-Present Resistance and Cryptonormativity
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 10:30:30 PDT

Dan Smith writes:

>To put it another way, *maybe* Deleuze's book on Foucault isn't Deleuze
>finally getting Foucault "right" (ie, getting away from a reductive reading
>of Foucault)
>but rather Deleuze enveloping and deploying yet another thinker within
>his own "image of thought." Any comments you have would be appreciated.

I agree with you, but I don't see this for cause of alarm. There is no  
purely neutral objective reading of Foucault which dispenses with the 
reader's politico-historical position. It would be a mistake to wish Deleuze 
could give an innocent reading of Foucault without his own "image of 
thought". Deleuze can't step outside of his position into some ahistorical 
vantage point and describe Foucault for us perfectly and completely - no one 
can do that. Hence the reason for the multiple readings and appropriations 
that Foucault's texts take after their dissemnination (see Death of the 

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