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Subject: RE: The Order of Things
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 21:50:56 -0500


The Order of Things is indeed a very difficult book.  I picked it up and
put it down a several times before I was able, finally, to get all the way
through it.  Some of the secondary texts that I found most helpful for
dealing with this period of Foucault's works include Michel Foucault:
Beyond Hermeneutics and Structuralism (this book is a really good starting
point for Foucault, in my opinion) and Gary Guttings' book on Foucault and
the sciences, the exact title escapes me right now - but it is something
like Michel Foucault's Archeology of the Sciences.  These works should give
you a pretty good place to start.  

Chris Blakley

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> From: Travis Ennis <>
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> Date: 6/13/00 5:28:47 PM
> Subject: The Order of Things
> I am reading The Order of Things and finding it
> extremely difficult, at least much more difficult than
> Madness and Civilization and Birth of the Clinic.  Can
> anyone give me some reading tips or secondary sources
> that would make it easier to understand, or at least
> get me on the right track.  I have a feeling that one
> must be one the same theoretical level as Foucault in
> each of the book's chapters but knowing what level to
> be on has been quite difficult for me.  
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Travis Ennis
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