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Subject: RE: The Order of Things
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 07:16:20 -0400

There is a considerable amount of discussion of OT in Cousins and Hussain,
_Michel Foucualt_.  I'm wondering if others on the list would recommend that
book as an introduction to OT?
Also, Foucault represents his arguments, in a modified form (which makes his
arguments there seem more like those he makes in AK than I think they really
were), in an interview on method which appears in Burchell et al _The
Foucault Effect_.
The Gutting book would also seem to be a substantial contribution; you might
also want to consult the chapter on Foucault in Lecourt's _Marxism and
Epistemology_, which has some provocative things to say, from the standpoint
of the Althusser-Macherey position of the late '60s.
I hope this helps, I found OT difficult too, but this may not be due to a
failing on the part of the reader, except as in the latter is deluded by
"principle[s] of charity" etc.

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Subject: The Order of Things

I am reading The Order of Things and finding it
extremely difficult, at least much more difficult than
Madness and Civilization and Birth of the Clinic.  Can
anyone give me some reading tips or secondary sources
that would make it easier to understand, or at least
get me on the right track.  I have a feeling that one
must be one the same theoretical level as Foucault in
each of the book's chapters but knowing what level to
be on has been quite difficult for me.

Any help would be appreciated.

Travis Ennis

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