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Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 21:07:30 -0800
Subject: Jeremiah Luna quote

Jeremiah Luna wrote:

>We are as nietzsche says in one of his essays "on the back of [a] great
> tiger being pulled through a forest of dreams." or something like that

Hey Jeremiah, if you ever recall the 'place' in N where the actual line
above resides, I'd kind of like to know where. I say 'kind of' because its
phrasing as you write it rings so beautifully poetic in my ear I might be
disappointed if the actual were too much at variant, but still - -

and at the by, do you or anyone here know where N said something to the
effect: "-- the way men are, they usually need a name (word?) to make
something (visible?) to them--

brother warrior,


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