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Subject: RE: Foucault/Frankfurt School quote
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 07:08:48 -0000

See Remarks on Marx, Semiotext(e), 1991, p. 119. It is also in Dits et
ecrits vol IV


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> > I have read a
> > quote in which Foucault stated he enjoyed reading the Frankfurt Critical
> > Theorists a great deal and that he wold have become one or like
> them, but
> > that he other things to do. I will continue to look for that quote!
> >
> > Vunch
> Found it perhaps - sorry, but only in a German edition of a 1978
> interview with Ducio Trombadori, original title: "Conversazione
> con M. F.", Il Contributo, Jan-Mar 1980, 23-84; German title: Der
> Mensch ist ein Erfahrungstier, Frankfurt 1996, p. 82 (my
> translation from the German version):
> "When I acknowledge the merits of the Frankfurt School
> philosophers, I do so with the guilty conscience of someone who
> should have read and understood their books earlier. If I had
> read their books, I need not have said a lot of things, and could
> have avoided some mistakes. If I had known them when I was young,
> perhaps I would have been so enthusiastic about them that I
> couldn't have done anything else but comment them."
> Goes on about the theoretical differences to the Frankfurt
> School, localizing them in the interpretation of Marx's dictum:
> The human being produces the human being. (Don't know if it
> translates like this in English, but think you'll get the point.)
> Quite a long interview, that, don't know if it's in Dits et
> Ecrits.
> Hope that helps,
> Nico


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