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Subject: RE: Foucault conference? Char-citation? Benjamin cited by Foucault?
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 14:50:42 -0000

I might be of some, rather limited, help.

I don't know of a conference at Centre Pompidou, but there was one on
Foucault and Medicine held in Caen, April 1999 organised by the Centre
Michel Foucault, with Daniel Defert as one of the key organisers.

I presume by 'Sexuality and Truth' you mean L'histoire de la sexualite. Is
that the German title in translation? The lines of Rene Char are 'L'histoire
des hommes est la longue succession des synonymes d'un meme vocable. Y
contredire est un devoir'. Both Eribon and Macey cite this in their
biographies, but without reference.

I don't know of a Benjamin quote. I can't find a quote via indexes, either
in HS or in Dits et ecrits. In fact I can't recall Foucault ever mentioning



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