File spoon-archives/foucault.archive/foucault_2000/foucault.0011, message 22

Date:  8 Nov 00 02:50:44 MST
Subject: Re: [Herculine Barbin]

Ian Campsall <> wrote:
    Would anyone happen to know of any works published which deal 
specifically with Foucault's discovery of the Herculine Barbin fonds in the
archives of the French Department of Public Hygiene?  Is there any other
information available on her case that was not included in Foucault's book?
As Foucault commented on the case in any of his other works?  Any assistance
would be greatly appreciated.
Ian Campsall

There is a film based on Herculine's story called _The Mystery of Alexina_
which might have some stuff Foucault didn't cover. It's a film worth seeing


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