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Subject: FW: Herculine Barbin
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 21:52:39 -0000

I sent this from my work e-mail: doesn't seem to have come through

>The following should be of use:-
>Judith Butler, Gender Trouble, Routledge, 1990 (discussion of Foucault's
>Alice Domurat Dreger, Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex,
>Harvard UP, 1998 (stuff on Barbin, and Foucault)
>Michel Foucault, Les Anormaux, Gallimard/La Seuil, 1999 (discussion of a
>number of related cases, some more specifics, etc.)

>There was an interview originally conducted in Italian concerning Barbin,
>see Dits et ecrits, vol III, p. 624 (don't have the full reference with me)
>I've written an extended review article of Les Anormaux, "The
>of the Normal", in boundary 2, Vol 28 No 1, Spring 2001; and have
>a piece entitled "Word, Desires and Ideas: Freud, Foucault and the
>Hermaphroditic Roots of Bisexuality", which is just about to be submitted
>Body and Society.
>Hope this is useful
>Dr Stuart Elden
>Lecturer in Politics
>Department of Politics and International Studies
>University of Warwick
>CV4 7AL
>Tel: +44 (0)2476 523303


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