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Subject: Re: eagleton
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 11:10:21 -0000

I have. It's a bit ranty in parts and is a general polemic against trends 
rather than specific thinkers but well worth the read. I would also 
recommend Callinicos's "Against Postmodernism". For a really good engagement 
with Foucault, Laclau & Mouffe etc try Rosemary Hennessey's "Materialist 
Feminism and the Politics of Discourse", its superb.


>From: Nathan Goralnik <>
>To: Foucault <>
>Subject: eagleton
>Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 04:57:33 -0700
>Has anyone read Terry Eagleton's "Illusions of Postmodernism" ? Is it any
>"Thought is no longer theoretical. As soon as it functions it
>offends or reconciles, attracts or repels, breaks, dissociates,
>unites, or re-unites; it cannot help but liberate and enslave.
>Even before prescribing, suggesting a future, saying what must
>be done, even before exhorting or merely sounding an alarm,
>thought, at the level of its existence, in its very dawning, is
>in itself an action--a perilous act."
>            -Michel Foucault

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