File spoon-archives/foucault.archive/foucault_2001/foucault.0108, message 19

Subject: Space and Time Being Political
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 04:53:23 +0000

Hello I thought it might be time. To mention the space. of War and violence 
as seen through. the Eyes of. And so then you have it. And then you do and 
then. You don't if you are homeless and Not abstract. Is not that right 
Monsieur Guattari?? So since some philosophers have said Being is always 
Political. There you go. Have war not peace. Is the condition. Right. O O O 
that War War sound it's so elegant so intelligent. I wonder. If the CIA and 
the Others watch here. What you say Filou?? Say you? And form d'expression 
of war is the content of violence, you Dig?, as Gregory Corso might say, and 
not the space espace of decadence international, and Who Gives a Fuck Where 
you Took your Bourgeois Holiday in Other People'S Misery? In Spain, In 
Palestine the Hotels are very Nice, and so Is Ireland, But who give a  Fuck 
Mister?? You never did say Much did You?? Well, Charmaine, I have all the 
reports from the Girls who had the bad mails from the girls of cyberspace 
colony 1. You get it, Ok?? I wait forever to Kiss your Cunt and Your Cock a 
thousand millions sexex and hexex.
But wit, to wit, to wait, I was at the conference, remember when she was 
there with Judith Butler and she said O It is me who am psychoanalysis and I 
am the heiritage of Lacan. I am her convulsive beauty, can there be war 
without me, with my heretic Hebrew beauty, shall the children of Palestine 
being killed without my name?
En attendant we blow a -bomb in yer face athee Cafe Wall, you dig, I am shit 
in your nauseated dead face, Hey Mister Big Shit, will you lick my ass now, 
It has all the asses in it you want, with toupee and tenure track jobh? 
Remember Luba, yes, she told me all about it, yes, she did, and so did the 
other the others the other. Not your mouth, not your mother, not your 
happiness is a warm gun.

>>From: "Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc)" <>
>>To: Address book <>
>>Subject: Last Veil Removed: Invasion Of Jenin By Sharon's War Government
>>Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 05:28:40 +0300
>>GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 -
>>Urgent press release
>>==================================================>>Last Veil Removed: Invasion Of Jenin By Sharon's War Government
>>After the whole world condemned the attack on the Palestinian institutions 
>>Jerusalem, followed the sneaky, nightly invasion of Jenin. Gush Shalom 
>>calls on
>>Shimon Peres and the other Labor Party members to immediately leave 
>>war government. Anybody who stays in this government now will be 
>>for the further escalation and disaster which it brings over the two 
>>peoples -
>>and may eventually have to account for it at the international court in 
>>Not only does the invasion of Jenin not prevent terrorism, it gives an 
>>boost to those forces among the Palestinians who do the attacks in Israeli
>>cities. From this invasion will be born dozens of new suicide bombers and 
>>Sharon gave the order he knew it very well. This government is a 
>>government of
>>war, this government was not willing to implement any plan, not the 
>>plan, not  the Tenet plan, what it really wants is to turn the clock back 
>>to end the occupation.
>>Gush Shalom and the Coalition of Women for Peace - supported by other 
>>groups - will demonstrate, as planned, 6.00 PM at the site of the Orient 
>>This demonstration is going to be the expression of the peace moment at 
>>very crucial hour.
>>Contact: Adam Keller - spokersperson Gush Shalom, ph: 03-5565804 / 

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