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Subject: Re: disciplinary society in crisis
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 23:50:19 

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What is RM? (I now know the rest of the books, but this one is not in our 
library here)

as referred to here in Ali's post:
" So what is the crisis of disciplinary society in this context. My hunch is 
that it is the crisis of capitalist governance. The
crisis is emerging because according to Foucault people are questioning 
(starting to question) the way they are 'lead'
and the 'reasons' on the basis of which they are 'lead' in modern capitalist 
societies. Foucault defines 'government' as
"the set of institutions and practices by which people are 'lead' from 
administration to education, etc" (RM p. 176). The
crisis of disciplinary society is the crisis of capitalist government in 
this broader sense."


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