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Subject: Re: Reason and State Power
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 08:02:22 -0400

Dear Ferda

I don't have a copy of the Essential Works Power volume, so I can't say if
they're in there, but I'm pretty sure they're not elsewhere in Foucault's

Do you need the English originals, or would the French do? (It wasn't
entirely clear from the mail if you had access to the French, or if did and
you still needed the English) The French versions are translations, and it
isn't clear if the interview was originally in English, or translated from
(a now missing) French version.

They are two short interviews, clearly based on one initial conversation,
but both contain material that the other does not. There are some
interesting issues raised, including Foucault's view of his own books, and a
good discussion of how his work relates to someone like Erving Goffman.
Foucault suggests Goffman is only interested in the Asylum or prison _as_ an
asylum or prison, whereas Foucault examines them in order to get at a deeper
problematic, such as rationalities of power.

Otherwise they seem fairly minor pieces.



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