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Subject: Re: Reason and State Power
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 17:59:00 -0400

Dear Ferda

The piece was certainly first published in English, but my point was whether
that was a translation of an original interview or not. That is, was
Foucault interviewed in English or French? But you're right that the version
in Dits et ecrits is a translation of the published English version, rather
than an original. There are a few instances in Dits et ecrits where Foucault
wrote a text in French, had it translated into English, and then Dits et
ecrits includes a translation of that translation, rather than the original.
The English Forward to The Order of Things is one of those. The texts from
Japan are others.

I've never seen either of the journals it originally appeared it, though i
think The Threepenny Review was based at Berkeley. University of Virginia
has later editions of that journal, but not the one this piece was in.

Sorry I can't help more



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