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>Palestinian Children Try Ariel Sharon
>Sunday, August 26 2001 -AT- 01:00 AM BST
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>"The COURT has decided that the so-called Israeli Prime Minister Ariel 
>Sharon is a war criminal and the accusation sheet and verdict shall be 
>transferred to the High Court of Justice in the Hague."
>By Mohammed Al Baba
: Jerusalem - "The COURT has decided that the so-called Israeli Prime 
Minister Ariel Sharon is a war criminal and the accusation sheet and verdict 
shall be transferred to the High Court of Justice in the Hague." These final 
words and sentencing were the conclusion of the mini Palestinian 
parliament's high court in Rafah, set up especially for the trial of Sharon.

The session was attended by around 200 participants, including parliament 
members, officials, political party members and representatives of human 
rights organizations.

The court consisted of the judge, a deputy and parliament secretaries. Two 
other members represented the prosecution and the defense. All wore the 
official black robes and all stood up when the judge took his place.

Two small policemen - no more than 12 years old - stood wearing the official 
blue of Palestinian policemen. They were stationed in front of the witness 
box, a portrait of Sharon hanging omin!>  ously inside.

The prosecution then called its witnesses to tell of the harm that had been 
inflicted on them by the crimes of the Israeli occupation, headed by Sharon.

Mohammed Maghazi told the story of the death of his friend, Khalil Mughrabi, 
as the two were playing near the border strip. He explained the damage it 
had done to him psychologically from watching parts of his friend's brains 
scatter before him. Sharon had apologized at the time for the child's death.

Then Niveen Abu Tuiymeh, dressed in angel-white, played the role of 4-month 
old Iman Hajjo, giving witness to her own death.

Suha Manirawi told the courtroom about how she saw Mohammed Abdel Al die 
before her eyes and the trauma that ensued. She is still undergoing therapy, 
she says.

Then Nadim Al Rai told the people of the horrible living conditions forced 
upon him and his family ever since the occupation forces bulldozed his home 
in the O Block, explaining the humiliation of his family from being made!>   
refugees again.

Then psychologist Mohammed Mukhaymar, from the Gaza>  Community Mental 
Health Program took the stand. He told the jury about the many cases that 
the program deals with daily as a result of the ongoing Israeli crimes.

The model court could not find anyone to defend Sharon as the most minute 
details of his crimes were being enumerated.

The most touching scene of all was a young boy, who took the stand from his 
wheelchair. He was there to represent all Palestinian children who had been 
handicapped by the daily crimes carried out by Sharon's occupation.

And just before the court was to give its sentence, news came of the killing 
of 14- year-old Mohammed Abu Arrar, as proof of all that had been said.

So the court declared Sharon a war criminal and called for his trial in the 
Hague. And after hearing the chilling testimonies of these youngsters, human 
rights groups made a serious call for protection for Palestinian children.

Translated by Joharah Baker from Al Ayyam on August 20, 2001. (c)Palestine 
Report Palestine Report !>  - "Palestine's Only Independent News Digest" 
published weekly by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC). 
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