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Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 05:50:56 +0100 (BST)
Subject: If

 If all of the rather 'well-known' authors and
intellectuals had the courage to speak up and aid the
Palestinians, as Noam Chomsky has, then perhaps those
same intellectuals would gain the respect of people
around the world. As it is they have not, or at least
not in these so-called lists. Now as you may know
there are some reasonably 'well-known' authors
subscribed to this list i.e. there are various poets
and translators, literary critics, philosophers and so
on. Instead of a endless self-relfective belly button
gazing series of queries and personal anecdotes being
the norm, perhaps one could see this list, and others
like it organizing something like a petition which
could be of some help to those peoples suffering in
the Occupied Territories and now even more than before
in Israel itself. If this shall not be the case, then
I say to you all as Deleuze did quoting Arafat, "Shame
Shame Shame" If the only purpose then is merely to see
one's wasted thoughts in 'print' in cyberspace, then
God help us. So do take this as a plea for action, for
a stance to be taken against injustice and against
violence towards the weak and the oppressed. 

My suggestion is: A petition organized and written by
the members of this list, and others on the various
Spoon collective lists that shall address the
situation in occupied Palestine. This does not need to
be complex, it can be simple and there are many fine
writers on the various lists who I am sure could be
helpful if needed, and who would be glad to sign. 

Have the courage of Noam Chomsky Salman Rushdie,
Jacques Derrida, Felix Guattari, Gilles Deleuze and
scores of others.

I would be very sad if something like this cannot be
organized, and if that were to be the case, then one
can only hope than that many will sign off of these
lists. They shall have proven themselves to be utterly
unrelated to the real struggles of real men and women
in their daily lives. I should also imagine that the
lists will lose any moral veracity they might acquire,
and certainly I would be most happy if they were to
lose their funding as a result.

I hope you are reading this dear members of the Spoon



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