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Subject: Re: disciplinary society in crisis
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 15:25:41 

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<P>Sorry bit behind these days.</P>
<P>My understanding of Foucault and capitalism is mainly based on DP and HS vol.1. I read Madness and Civilisation from the angle of getting acquaintance with Foucault's early views on the same. I am not sure what the original book adds on the topic. I have not seen the book but from what I have seen in commenteries and essays whcih take from the origianl I can not say much. May be you can add on that.</P>
<P>I think from the point of view of exegesis the matter is very important but not that important when one is mainly concerned with the issues.</P>
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<DIV></DIV>Thanks for the reply. By MC I presume you mean Madness and Civilisation, 
<DIV></DIV>rather than Les mots et les choses. As a side point, it is real problem that 
<DIV></DIV>Madness and Civilisation is still the only translation of Folie et 
<DIV></DIV>deraison/Histoire de la folie. The French text is so much richer and more 
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