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Subject: Re: If/Blocked MaLGgosia  Others in the List
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 04:49:34 +0000

Dear Eldorra -- I have blocked Ruth Chandler, Charles Stivale, Paul Bains, 
and several others. I have not blocked Chris Jones, Vroom acka Filou etc. 
and most of the many others here. I do block Mike Rooney, yes I forgot about 
him and his friend, Unleesh. I do not want to read what academics in the 
field have to say, especially the translating types who are usually second 
rate thinkers and class pig dogs. My dad once met the old guy Deleuze and 
Deleuze said 'Thank god you are not a school guy!' My dad, Jean Genet said, 
well naturally Monsieur Deleuze. But M. Deleuze never did get around to 
writing about me Dad. Anywho, the other guy did.

I havent blocked Malgosia either, cause I love Malgosia.
I have blocked Grieg Sigworth is it? he is a good writer but has nothing to 
say, and so when he speaks it is so pedantic and correct, one cannot but 
help to feel what a waste of energy and talent. I also think this one does 
not read French, and never attended a lecture of Deleuze. He is a poor 
pedant of Deleuze and knows how to quote better than the translator gang. As 
for Bains, well his translation of Guattari is shameful and boring!! Poor 
fellow taking all that jargon of the later and rather weak minded writings 
of F.Guattari and turning them into this unreadable Anglais. I mean really, 
Eldorra go read it, and then prepare to sleep!! Typical of bad translation 
and  no imaginative attempt to reconstruct in English.

I like very much what Constantine Boundas has written andthe great editorial 
work he has done on Deleuze. He is as they say an honest broker. I like his 
work, and the translators of Kafka. And the persons who wrote those 
introductions are fine minded and perceptive readers. Of course, Massumi is 
the best of them and his translations are almost perfect. Boundas is not 
liked by Charles Stivale because Stivale thinks that Boundas is taking 
Deleuze to some conservative plateau. This is what I heard. Via some others 
who attended a conference in Ontario some 2 years ago.

Kelly Mink used to write good stuff.

Josh Rogan was brilliant. Marvelous commnetaries on the bwo and other areas 
of ATP.
Aden Evens was dull and predictable. Well meaning, but not much more than 

You do realize Eldorra I write this drunk and so do not take it too much to 

There was Tom he was wild and militant. There were others who flashed 
brilliantly for a moment and were gone and never heard from again.

The founder of the list was Michel Current and he died of aids. There were 
some women who used to be very vocal. Two very smart Canadians and I have no 
clue what became of them. Few Brits except one about 5 years ago and one 
analyst who does interesting work. Lichtenberg something or other.

Guy is nuts, but real. Him and his lover chick were over in Paris and saw 
the Deleuze thing happen for real. Guy used to attack me as being a fake son 
of Genet, but we private now, and he sees that I am the son of Jean Genet.

I am married and drunk. I read these guys in my sleep.
Filou Hartmann or Andromache is funny and Veery Smart.
Someone told me at this Trent conference that Luba stopped doing her phd. 
and she is one of the brightest minds that ever wrote hot letters to the 
Derrida never was a part of the list, and neither was Chomsky or the other 
cats you mentioned.
Oh yea, there is the french guy who translates Paul Celan. He has amanifesto 
that is totally ok, but we have seen it all before, and he claims he is a 
nautomat or something like that. Pure Jargon but he is smart. He sort of 
writes like a weak version of Lautreomont and has a tone in this manifesto 
that is a weak echoe of Andre Breton. Christ, Eldorra, I should write a 
booka bout this scene. Oh yeah  Delanda is really smart and more original 
than any of these partimers who stroll in and out of the lists scenes. If 
you go back a few years it was really hot and cool at the same time for 
about I would say 10 months over a period of 3 years. Then it died. It 
happens to these things. its sort of an information and opinion thing now. 
So dont get your hopes up. When you have jujus who write about watermelons 
as their subject heading, well, and I exclude Chris Jones from this swipe, 
well what can you expect.

Crosby is good.

Okay buddy I gotta go. Wife time. Right Charmaine???

Oh yes, there was a black cat name of John Pippus he wrote some thing 
interesting a few year ago, in 97 ?? He was  ablack intellectual with a 
black take on all of this.

Stuart somebody or other.

I gott a hit the hay brother.

Stay cool in good old India.

>From: eldorra mitchell <>
>To: postcolonial capital <>,    
>foufou fafa <>,    hownowbrowncow yaya 
>Subject: If
>Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 05:50:56 +0100 (BST)
>  If all of the rather 'well-known' authors and
>intellectuals had the courage to speak up and aid the
>Palestinians, as Noam Chomsky has, then perhaps those
>same intellectuals would gain the respect of people
>around the world. As it is they have not, or at least
>not in these so-called lists. Now as you may know
>there are some reasonably 'well-known' authors
>subscribed to this list i.e. there are various poets
>and translators, literary critics, philosophers and so
>on. Instead of a endless self-relfective belly button
>gazing series of queries and personal anecdotes being
>the norm, perhaps one could see this list, and others
>like it organizing something like a petition which
>could be of some help to those peoples suffering in
>the Occupied Territories and now even more than before
>in Israel itself. If this shall not be the case, then
>I say to you all as Deleuze did quoting Arafat, "Shame
>Shame Shame" If the only purpose then is merely to see
>one's wasted thoughts in 'print' in cyberspace, then
>God help us. So do take this as a plea for action, for
>a stance to be taken against injustice and against
>violence towards the weak and the oppressed.
>My suggestion is: A petition organized and written by
>the members of this list, and others on the various
>Spoon collective lists that shall address the
>situation in occupied Palestine. This does not need to
>be complex, it can be simple and there are many fine
>writers on the various lists who I am sure could be
>helpful if needed, and who would be glad to sign.
>Have the courage of Noam Chomsky Salman Rushdie,
>Jacques Derrida, Felix Guattari, Gilles Deleuze and
>scores of others.
>I would be very sad if something like this cannot be
>organized, and if that were to be the case, then one
>can only hope than that many will sign off of these
>lists. They shall have proven themselves to be utterly
>unrelated to the real struggles of real men and women
>in their daily lives. I should also imagine that the
>lists will lose any moral veracity they might acquire,
>and certainly I would be most happy if they were to
>lose their funding as a result.
>I hope you are reading this dear members of the Spoon
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