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Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 10:49:14 -0800 (PST)
Subject: RE: L'enonce /German influenced French guys..

I so much agree with You!
But 'formula' propses, that it is a....thing. well i
suspect that it is not thing, but more like......
"previousness" and "individuality" opposed to the
abstractness of the logical and grammar analisis,
nevermind how silly does that sounds.
As I see, i am replying to my own question:-)))

thanks for the answer!
--- Lionel Boxer <> wrote:
> I agree with Jivko
> First a question:
> The word ontic - is that like a piece of a larger
> ontology; for it to be 
> ontological, it needs to be combined with out
> enonces or expaned into an 
> oeuvre?
> There is likely something useful in l'enonce.
> I get the feeling that enonce is an important
> concept or tool in the 
> designation of a collection of texts to a proper
> name.  Perhaps a 'formula' 
> that enables a oeuvre to be realised or articulated.
> So from observing a discourse, it is possible to see
> patterns that can be 
> connected by an enonce to form some sort of
> component element that is built 
> into the whole oeuvre.  I get the impression that
> the idea of oeuvre is to 
> develop some sort of unity.
> Lionel
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