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Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 07:46:41 -0800 (PST)
Subject: RE: RE: genealogical

but it is certain , that knowledge is not that kind of
weapon in the world outside this one where they speak
in english, and knowledgeis not only a weapon, we must
addmit(and is not the only weapon).

--- Stuart Elden <> wrote:
> My worry would be that tactical knowledge is still
> knowledge, whereas
> Foucault seems to be suggesting it's the _use_ of
> that knowledge, i.e. its
> transition into tactics, into practice that is
> important.
> The original French:- (Dits et ecrits Vol III, p.
> 165 cf 'Il faut defendre
> la societe', pp. 9-10)
> "Appelons, si vous voulez, genealogie le couplage
> des connaissances erudites
> et des memoires locales, couplage qui permet la
> constitution d'un savoir
> historique des luttes et l'utilisation de ce savoir
> dans les tactiques
> actuelles; ce sera donc la definition provisoire de
> ces genealogies que j'ai
> essaye de faire au cours de ces dernieres annees"
> I don't have Power/Knowledge, so can't verify the
> translation, but it would
> seem important to note how erudite 'connaissances'
> [presumably specialised
> knowledge, learned, scholarly knowledge] and local
> memories [presumably more
> everyday common knowledge] allow the _constitution_
> of historical knowledge
> [nb, as _savoir_] of struggles [don't forget this,
> cf. the context in the
> lecture course on race, war, struggle, etc.] and the
> utilisation of that
> knowledge in present tactics.
> That would seem to be the sense of the passage, with
> some attempt to
> recontextualise it.
> Stuart

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