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Subject: RE: (More questions on) power-knowledge
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 13:27:30 +0100 

I have learned that there was a debate between Foucault and George Steiner
in 1971 about the similarities (?) between Kuhn's and Foucault's OT. The
debate had begun with an article by Steiner in The New York Times, in which
he accused Foucault of not mentioning Kuhn's name in OT. Foucault wrote a
reply and a debate between them follows. Does anyone could please tell me
how could I have access to these writings. I have already found George
Steiner's first article in the New York Times, but I was not able to find
the discussion between them that it follows it. I would appreciate very much
any kind of help. Thank in advance.


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