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Subject: RE: Richard Koenigsberg
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 09:55:56 -0400

Dr. Koenigsberg's website (or, that of the Library of Social Sciences) has
an interesting host.  Regardless of whatever credibility the institution may
or may not have, Dr. Koenigsberg's posts and work certainly do seem to be
sincere, and I'll continue to read them as such.

Nathan Knispel
Director, Ronald E. McNair Program
Temple University

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I've met Richard.  He is sincere, intelligent, and certainly not a con
man.  He is not, however, a full-time academic and the Library of Social
Science is a for-profit seller of academic books.  Richard is passionate
about his subject, but a bit of a world unto himself.


Paul Allen Miller
Professor of Classics
Incoming Editor,
Transactions of the American Philological Association
Languages, Literatures and Cultures
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208
>>> 10/28/04 22:12 PM >>>
This is from a net source (, so
unsubstantiated, but I think there is sufficient reason to be concerned
about Koenigsberg:

In November of last year I responded to a call for conference papers
the rubric of 'Symposium on the Psychological Interpretation of War,'
sponsored by the Library of Social Science in New York (Dr. Richard
Koenigsberg, Director). As this invitation appeared on my professional
list-serve, I had no reason to question the bona fides of this
(their website was also innocuous). The other participants (around 20
in two sessions), from multiple disciplines and major universities and
institutions here and abroad, also learned of this conference through
professional list-serves and other networks. The conference took place

 The Library of Social Science, it turned out, was Dr. Koenigsberg's
 apartment living room in a run down corner of Elmhurst, Queens. The
 'Library', it seems, was not much more than a vanity project and
 sometime vendor of academic books at various professional organization
 conferences around the country. Incidentally, a $150.00 registration
 was charged. There were no stipends for travel or accommodations and no
 meals were provided (other than candy, fruit, and bottled water.) Dr.
 Koenigsberg's doctorate is, I surmised, in psychology or psychoanalysis
 but, in his own words, 'he has been studying Hitler for 30 years.'


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