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Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 17:02:55 -0700
Subject: Kristeva's Les samourais

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Many months ago I promised someone a full list of the various famous
French theorists who appear in Kristeva's Les samourais (under different
names).  Please see the attachment (text.only) below.  This is not a
full listing, but I've done as best I could.  I would appreciate anyone
else adding to the list!  It makes The Samurai a much more interesting
read!  (as gossip, anyway).


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Who's Who in Les samouraïs1  

Character Name					Actual Person
Olga Morena 						Julia Kristeva (as student)
Jöelle Cabarus						Julia Kristeva (as analyst)
Hervé Sinteuil						Philippe Sollers (pen name)
(Hervé) de Mantlaur					Philippe Joyaux (family name)
Armand Bréhal					Roland Barthes
Strich-Meyer						Claude Lévi-Strauss
Lauzun							Jacques Lacan
Benserade						Émile Benveniste
Saïda 							Jacques Derrida
Scherner						Michel Foucault
Ivan							Tzvetan Todorov
Fabien Edelman					Lucien Goldmann
Dubreuil						John-Paul Sartre
Brunet							Marcelin Pleynet
Pange 							Francis Ponge
Bernadette						Antoinette Fouque
Militant Feminists					Psych et Po, Des femmes (press)
(Decèze)						(Gilles Deleuze)
(Brichot)						(Georges Bataille)
Maintenant/Now journal and group 			Tel quel 
Éditions de l'autre					Éditions du Seuil
1 This list was ascertained from my own research, though the clues are evident to anyone with a background in Contemporary French theory.  Parentheses indicate uncertain connections between the literary character and actual persons.

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