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Subject: Cfp: Body Politics

I was just forwarding this from WMST-L to one of our subscribers when it 
occurred to me that it hadn't been posted to this list yet, as far as I 
can tell. So here it is.... And please note that if you want more info, you 
need to reply to the address given in the cfp, and not to the list or to me.


Judith Poxon
co-moderator, french-feminism

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Subject:  revised cfp 'body politics' symposium

Call for Papers & Works-In-Progress
"Body Politics" Symposium
April 8-9, 1999  (please note change of date and added info at end of call)

The University of Toledo

This call is for research papers, performances,
creative arts, workshop ideas, etc. for an
interdisciplinary symposium titled "Body
Politics."  Proposals should address issues of the
body from a feminist and/or gender perspective.
The literature on this topic is rapidly expanding.
 Our purpose is to reflect and contribute to the
literature.  Papers written for courses,
collective exercises, pedagogical approaches, and
works-in-progress are welcome.

The "Body Politics" symposium will include a key-note address
by Dr. Victoria Grace, Professor of
Feminist Studies at the University of Canterbury
at Christchurch, New Zealand.  Dr. Grace's work on
women's bodies and medicalization discourses is
breaking new ground in feminist theory.

Issues addressed will include:
*    What it means to 'think through the body'
*    What attention to the body can tell us about politics,
        culture, society, the economy
*    Whose bodies matter and in what context
*    How attention to the female body
        challenges phallogocentric/masculinist world views
*    Whether attention to bodies and pleasures
        subvert the regimes of power and knowledge that
        condition our present

Participation is not limited to the academic community.  Proposals from
anyone doing research and creative work relevant to the topic is welcome.

For more information or to participate in the
symposium, contact the Women's Studies Program at the University of Toledo at
(419) 530-2233 or Renee Heberle in the Department of Political
Science and Public Administration at (419)530-4061 or
Proposals for papers, panels, and performances
are due by January 30 and should be sent to:
The Women's Studies Program
The University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio 43606

We are looking for one-page single spaced abstracts that describe the paper,
activity, or performance thoroughly enough to show its relevance to the
theme and to place it within the context of a panel.  If you are proposing a
panel an abstract describing the theme or purpose, names of participants and
titles of contributions will suffice.  We plan to send out letters of
invitation in the first two weeks of february.
Renee Heberle, PhD
Department of Political Science
and Public Administration
University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio  43606

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