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Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 16:16:38 -0500
Subject: Psychology of Women - Views from a French Perspective

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I am
currently teaching psychology at Eastern Kentucky University in
Richmond, Kentucky, U.S.A.  My early background is in French.  I have
both a bachelor's and master's degree in French and spent a year living
in Grenoble as part of an exchange program between the university where
I did my studies and the French government.  While I am no longer fluent
(it has been some time since my studies), I was once quite fluent and
have great hopes that with my return to France this summer, much of my
fluency will also return.

My university (EKU) participates in a consortium of study abroad
programs.  I have had a class accepted for teaching in one of those
programs.  During the summer of 1999 (May 26 - June 29) I will be
teaching a course on the psychology of women - views from a French
perspective in Paris.  I am currently gathering information, references,
etc. for the class.  I very much want this course to truly present a
French perspective on the psychology (or perhaps more generally, the
condition) of women in France, rather than simply a repetition of a
standard psychology of women class (with most of the information drawn
from an American perspective) that I just happen to be teaching in
Paris.   I was hoping that individuals on this list could provide me
with some guidance, assistance, perspectives, etc.   Having to this
point done some fairly extensive searching within psychology, I can tell
you I am experiencing some difficulty finding an international
perspective.  Leaving the field of psychology behind and exploring
French studies,  I have been able to locate some information on "French
feminism," (including identifying this list) with a concentration on the
works of a few French women writers.  This has been useful, but I'm
worried that I may need to broaden the view somewhat.  Additionally, for
my students (many, if not most of which, may not speak French) this
literature may be inaccessible.   I would be most grateful for any
assistance on your part.  Thank you for your time.

I would also be most grateful if you would pass along the following
information to any students you believe might be interested in taking
such a class.   For additional information I can be contacted directly


During the summer of 1999 students from all over have the opportunity to
study Psychology of Women (from a French perspective) in France through
a summer abroad program sponsored by the Kentucky Institute for
International Studies.  Centered in Paris and Autun, the KIIS program in
France is a five-week academic program, including classes five or six
days per week and selected excursions.

The Psychology of Women course (taught in English) will focus on the
psychology of gender.  For this course, particular emphasis will be
placed on the ways in which expectations which are bound in one's
cultural and historical setting affect the growth and development of
women.  Students will document in journal format their observations of
gender differences in France, comparing those differences with
psychological theories and
their own cultural/developmental history.

Students attending the KIIS program may enroll for up to six credit
hours, chosen from the Psychology of Women class, two other psychology
classes (one in child development from a French perspective and one in
human ethology), or six French classes.  The Psychology of Women class
will be taught by Dr. Judith Watkins of the Eastern Kentucky University
Psychology Department.  A licensed psychologist, Dr. Watkins holds a
bachelor's and master's  in French and lived and worked in Grenoble,
France from September 1974 through August 1975.

Additional information on the KIIS summer programs can be obtained by
visiting the KIIS website at or by contacting:

  Dr. Judith M. Watkins
  Department of Psychology
  Eastern Kentucky University
  102 Cammack Building
  Richmond, KY 40475
  Phone:   (606) 622-1291

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