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Subject: CFP - Michigan Women's Studies Association (fwd)

Here's something that might be of interest to some--and please, if you 
need additional info, reply to the address below, not to me or to the list.

Judith Poxon

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Subject: CFP - Michigan Women's Studies Association

>Call for Papers
>Educating Women and Girls: Preparing for the Next Millennium
>Michigan Women's Studies Association Conference
>April 9-10, 1999
>Albion College
>Albion, Michigan
>Educating women is the most effective route for improving a society's
>standard of living.  Yet, throughout the world educating women and girls
>is often not seen as a priority and women lag behind men in literacy rates
>and access to education.  In the U.S., we struggle to keep girls in school,
>in math, science and technology classes, and in non-traditional fields. 
>While Women's Studies is a presence in higher education, few students
>are exposed to feminist scholarship in K-12 classrooms.  This
>conference will examine the broad range of issues concerning educating
>women and girls.  Our definition of education includes but is not limited to
>learning that takes place within formal educational institutions.  We
>encourage all educators and those concerned with educating women
>and girls in schools or in the community to participate.   
>Proposals for workshops, panel sessions of three papers, individual
>papers, performances and exhibits are welcome.  Examples of possible
>Feminist scholarship on girls
>Women's Studies in the K-12 curriculum
>Literacy programs for women
>Women, girls and technology
>Third Wave feminism and Women's 	Studies 
>Do girls learn differently?
>Teaching across differences of race, class and age
>Activism as education
>Gender issues in experiential learning
>Which girls drop out and why?
>Teaching on sex and sexuality in conservative settings
>Women's Studies and Michigan core curriculum
>Global issues and women's education
>Are our schools safe for all girls?
>Women's Studies in India
>Deadline for submission of abstracts of no more than one page is
>January 15, 1999. Include the following information: presenting author(s),
>title(s), mailing address, city, state/province, zip/postal code, country,
>telephone, fax, and e-mail address.   Individual presentations will be
>limited to twenty minutes.  Authors will be notified of acceptance by
>February 15,1999. Mail three copies of the abstract to:
>Trisha Franzen, Director
>Anna Howard Shaw Center for Women's Studies and Programs
>Albion College  KC #4683
>Albion,  MI 49224
>517 629-0535
>517 629 0428 (fax)
Kathy Purnell
Department of Political Science
Albion College
Albion, MI 49224
e-mail :
Tel : 517-629-0416

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