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Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 19:00:37 +0000
Subject: Call for Papers - Feminist Theory

     Call for Papers - Feminist Theory
     Feminist Theory is a new international interdisciplinary journal being 
     published by SAGE Publications in April 2000. The journal is being 
     launched to provide a forum for critical analysis and constructive 
     debate within feminist theory. 
     The journal will be edited by Gabriele Griffin (Kingston University, 
     UK), Rosemary Hennessy (State University of New York, Albany, USA), 
     Stevi Jackson (University of York, UK) and Sasha Roseneil (University 
     of Leeds, UK). They will be supported by Associate Editors (Sarah 
     Franklin, Sneja Gunew, Trinh T Minh-Ha, Veronique Mottier and Alison 
     Young) and an International Advisory Board.
     Feminist Theory will be genuinely interdisciplinary and will reflect 
     the diversity of feminism, incorporating perspectives from across the 
     broad spectrum of the humanities and social sciences and the full 
     range of feminist political and theoretical stances.
     The journal will promote:
     * Debate among theorists from diverse perspectives
     * Critical engagements with shifting disciplinary hierarchies within 
     feminist theory
     * Challenges to existing theoretical orthodoxies and conventional 
     definitions of theory
     * Empirically grounded theorizing as well as more conceptual work * 
     Writing which is politically engaged and which explores links between 
     theory and practice
     * The crossing of theoretical and disciplinary boundaries
     The journal will be published three time a year starting from April 
     If you are interested in submitting a manuscript contact: 
     Contributions outside North America: Stevi Jackson, Feminist Theory 
     Centre for Women's Studies
     University of York
     Heslington, York 
     YO1 5DD, UK
     Tel: +44 (0)1904 433672/433671
     Fax: +44 (0)1904 433670
     Contributions from North America to: Rosemary Hennessy, Feminist 
     Department of English
     The University at Albany, SUNY, 
     Albany, NY  12222, USA
     Tel: +1 518 442 4088
     Fax: +1 518 442 4599
     If you would like to receive further information about subscribing 
     Jane Makoff 
     SAGE Publications
     6 Bonhill Street
     EC2A 4PU

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