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Date: Wed, 13 Jan 99 20:00:49 PST

Undoubtedly we are witnessing a literal attempt to revive fascism.  Many American industrialists (political conservatives) were able to convince the public that the war against fascism was not their concern.  Henry Ford was so much admired by Hitler that "der F=FChrer" had Ford's cult magazines for his worker translated in to German for display on the Berlin office coffee table.  Aviator Charles Lindbergh was the first American to be given an award for his accomplishments by Hitler.  Many American industrialists couldn't wait to see Hitler destroy the thriving economy of the Soviet Union in the 30s so that socialism would not be seen as a successful role model for other nations.
But Hitler got out of control, it looked like the Soviet Union was turning the tide,  and Roosevelt established power and popularity and the US went to war, contributing significantly to the ultimate defeat of Fascism for the time being.
However, the same old corporate families and cliques were (and still are) around.  While the Nuremberg trials punished a few selected culprits, many were not only allowed to escape but were given asylum in Brazil, yes, Paraguay, yes, Argentina, yes, and in the United States, many in remote eastern Colorado, western Kansas, and Texas,  where they could discretely mix in with the many ethic Germans or remain anonymous in the wide open spaces.  According to a now deceased friend of mine who did intelligence research during WWII, many Gestapo were also given asylum in Los Angeles

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