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Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 11:28:16 -0500
Subject: Re: Paris-SubStance-UWO (fwd)

The type of comment made byJenny Armstrong is usually made by people who have not
bothered to read Marx' works, which is a tedious endeavor indeed. As far as the
point at issue is concerned, the previous message sender's argument is easily
verified by a quick reading of the Communist Manifesto. Further, calling
everything Marx wrote "hogwash" would also spill over to the ideas of many others
on whose work his writings rely, such as Hegel, Adam Smith and the state of
economic thought up to the mid 19th century, etc. Thus, are the "Grundrisse"to be
dismissed totally, for example? B. Bechtold.

Jenny Armstrong wrote:

> >>>Many American industrialists couldn't wait to see Hitler destroy the
> >>>thriving economy of the Soviet Union in the 30s so that socialism would
> >>>not be seen as a successful role model for other nations.
> >>
> >>I believe this is incorrect; or should I say rather, "it may be correct but
> >>this is only a partial truth."  For it was the supporters of SOCIALISM who
> >>desired the destruction of the east European and Soviet economies in order
> >>to gain political control over these zones.  If you study marxist theory,
> >>you will see that it is necessary to destroy thoroughly the old regime and
> >>its infrastructure in order to make way for the new one (socialism).  Any
> >>remaining infrastructure from the old regime is considered an encumberance
> >>to the forward march of ideological socialism.
> >>
> >>This view, of course, resulted in a centralisation of the economy, as in
> >>the Soviet Union, which Gorbachev was forced to dismantle for its
> >>ineffectiveness in replacing an older less centralised approach.
> >>
> >>However, undoubtedly, it was the socialists who saw advantage (and a means
> >>to "progress") through the onwards march of that National Socialist,
> >>Hitler.  *They* had more to gain from it than the American industrialists.
> >>
> >>
> >>
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> >I've studied Marxist theory and this is pure hogwash!
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