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Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 10:50:14 +0800
Subject: Re: Paris-SubStance-UWO (fwd)

B Bechtold said:

>The type of comment made byJenny Armstrong is usually made by people who
>have not
bothered to read Marx' works, which is a tedious endeavor indeed.

I find it intriguing that you would purport to judge what I have read and
what I have not read by a few sentences I have uttered.  Where did you come
by this amazing power, because I would like to acquire it too.

>As far as the
point at issue is concerned, the previous message sender's argument is easily
verified by a quick reading of the Communist Manifesto. Further, calling
everything Marx wrote "hogwash" would also spill over to the ideas of many
on whose work his writings rely, such as Hegel, Adam Smith and the state of
economic thought up to the mid 19th century, etc. Thus, are the
"Grundrisse"to be
dismissed totally, for example? B. Bechtold.

Is there in your opinion, B. Bechtold, a philosopher whose works do not
rely on Marx.  I believe, since, we are engaging in retrospective
historical analysis that you may wish to posit Plato and Aristotle and
Diogenes and Spinoza are also dependant upon the philosophies and writings
of karl marx?

What hogwash!

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