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Subject: Re: Paris-SubStance-UWO (fwd)
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 99 01:45:11 PST

Very interesting comments that I have never heard before.  Thank you for adding an additional dimension to the picture.

> >Many American industrialists couldn't wait to see Hitler destroy the
> >thriving economy of the Soviet Union in the 30s so that socialism would
> >not be seen as a successful role model for other nations.
> I believe this is incorrect; or should I say rather, "it may be correct but
> this is only a partial truth."  For it was the supporters of SOCIALISM who
> desired the destruction of the east European and Soviet economies in order
> to gain political control over these zones.  If you study marxist theory,
> you will see that it is necessary to destroy thoroughly the old regime and
> its infrastructure in order to make way for the new one (socialism).  Any
> remaining infrastructure from the old regime is considered an encumberance
> to the forward march of ideological socialism.
> This view, of course, resulted in a centralisation of the economy, as in

> the Soviet Union, which Gorbachev was forced to dismantle for its
> ineffectiveness in replacing an older less centralised approach.
> However, undoubtedly, it was the socialists who saw advantage (and a means
> to "progress") through the onwards march of that National Socialist,
> Hitler.  *They* had more to gain from it than the American industrialists.
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