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Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 16:36:27 -0800
Subject: Re: Psychology of Women - Views from a French Perspective

Hello F-F,
This is a queery for  anyone who either plans to be in Paris this summer or
has advice for a person who does.  I  plan to be in Paris this summer,
though I am only recently become a Middle School teacher and  won't be
teaching in Paris. I am, however, very much interested in critical theory in
its many forms: feminist, post-colonial, etc. and the implications thereof
for my classroom.  I believe that my classroom ought to be a place where
young people can learn to resist oppression and I look to theories of
resistance to engage my students as well as myself.
I have signed up for a summer language program in Paris (partly  to help my
own French and partly because its easier to go with a package deal) but I am
searching for other endeavors to undertake while in Paris.  If anyone has
any advice with regard to whom I should contact, where I should go or what I
should do while in Paris, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you

Judith Watkins wrote:

> I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I am
> currently teaching psychology at Eastern Kentucky University in
> Richmond, Kentucky, U.S.A.  My early background is in French.  I have
> both a bachelor's and master's degree in French and spent a year living
> in Grenoble as part of an exchange program between the university where
> I did my studies and the French government.  While I am no longer fluent
> (it has been some time since my studies), I was once quite fluent and
> have great hopes that with my return to France this summer, much of my
> fluency will also return.
> My university (EKU) participates in a consortium of study abroad
> programs.  I have had a class accepted for teaching in one of those
> programs.  During the summer of 1999 (May 26 - June 29) I will be
> teaching a course on the psychology of women - views from a French
> perspective in Paris.  I am currently gathering information, references,
> etc. for the class.  I very much want this course to truly present a
> French perspective on the psychology (or perhaps more generally, the
> condition) of women in France, rather than simply a repetition of a
> standard psychology of women class (with most of the information drawn
> from an American perspective) that I just happen to be teaching in
> Paris.   I was hoping that individuals on this list could provide me
> with some guidance, assistance, perspectives, etc.   Having to this
> point done some fairly extensive searching within psychology, I can tell
> you I am experiencing some difficulty finding an international
> perspective.  Leaving the field of psychology behind and exploring
> French studies,  I have been able to locate some information on "French
> feminism," (including identifying this list) with a concentration on the
> works of a few French women writers.  This has been useful, but I'm
> worried that I may need to broaden the view somewhat.  Additionally, for
> my students (many, if not most of which, may not speak French) this
> literature may be inaccessible.   I would be most grateful for any
> assistance on your part.  Thank you for your time.
> I would also be most grateful if you would pass along the following
> information to any students you believe might be interested in taking
> such a class.   For additional information I can be contacted directly
> at
> During the summer of 1999 students from all over have the opportunity to
> study Psychology of Women (from a French perspective) in France through
> a summer abroad program sponsored by the Kentucky Institute for
> International Studies.  Centered in Paris and Autun, the KIIS program in
> France is a five-week academic program, including classes five or six
> days per week and selected excursions.
> The Psychology of Women course (taught in English) will focus on the
> psychology of gender.  For this course, particular emphasis will be
> placed on the ways in which expectations which are bound in one's
> cultural and historical setting affect the growth and development of
> women.  Students will document in journal format their observations of
> gender differences in France, comparing those differences with
> psychological theories and
> their own cultural/developmental history.
> Students attending the KIIS program may enroll for up to six credit
> hours, chosen from the Psychology of Women class, two other psychology
> classes (one in child development from a French perspective and one in
> human ethology), or six French classes.  The Psychology of Women class
> will be taught by Dr. Judith Watkins of the Eastern Kentucky University
> Psychology Department.  A licensed psychologist, Dr. Watkins holds a
> bachelor's and master's  in French and lived and worked in Grenoble,
> France from September 1974 through August 1975.
> Additional information on the KIIS summer programs can be obtained by
> visiting the KIIS website at or by contacting:
>   Dr. Judith M. Watkins
>   Department of Psychology
>   Eastern Kentucky University
>   102 Cammack Building
>   Richmond, KY 40475
>   Phone:   (606) 622-1291
>   E-mail:
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