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Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 12:34:26 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CFP: Open call for _Henry Street_ 8.2 (fwd)

Subject: CFP: Open call for _Henry Street_ 8.2

==============                           Henry Street:
               A Graduate Review of Literary Study

           Invites submissions for our upcoming general issue

                         Henry Street 8.2
                      Deadline: June 1, 1999

  _Henry Street_, now in its eighth year of publication, is  an inter-
  national forum for graduate students of English and related disciplines.
  We invite contributions of original and scholarly contributions to current
  research on literatures in English from all historical periods, material
  culture, pedagogy, and critical theory. In addition to welcoming papers from
  a broad range of critical perspectives, the journal is particularly
  receptive to unconventional or personal approaches that open new avenues of
  investigation in literary and cultural criticism. 

  Graduate students and recent graduates are encouraged to submit critical and
  occasional essays, short fiction, and poetry. Chapters of theses and 
  conference papers are acceptable, provided they are sufficiently edited and
  rigorous enough to stand alone as critical articles.

  _Henry Street_ is indexed by the MLA and the Canadian Periodicals Index.


  To be considered for publication, submissions must be double-spaced
  throughout (including endnotes and works cited) and follow MLA guidelines
  for citation and presentation. Submissions should not exceed 7000 words in
  length. To facilitate our process of anonymous reading, the author's name
  should not appear on the manuscript. 
  Send two copies of submissions, and include a self-addressed return 
  envelope accompanied either by Canadian stamps or international reply 
  coupons.  Manuscripts submitted without SASE cannot be returned.  The cover
  letter must indicate the author's degree status and university affiliation.

  Send your submission to:

                             Brian Johnson, Editor
                             _Henry Street_
                             Department of English
                             Dalhousie University
                             Halifax, Nova Scotia
                             B3H 3J5

  You can send e-mail inquiries to and find out more about
  us at our web page ( Note that we do not accept
  submissions by e-mail.


_Henry Street_ 8.1 includes:

Andrew Lesk
    Untenable Imaginings and Imagined Communities: Robert Lecker on the 
    Failings of Criticism

Robert Lecker
    Response to Andrew Lesk

Kathy MacConnell
    Enquiries Concerning Human Misunderstanding: Theory, Speculation, Practice

Gabriela Hilti
    "That Dangerous Supplement," Intertextuality: Gossip and History in 
    Michael Ondaatje's _Running in the Family_

Tim Conley
    The Truth about Dr. Johnson's Cat

Reviews of books by Judith Butler, Gerard Genette, and Anthony Grafton, and 
    on Mina Loy.

Poetry and fiction by Tania MacDonald, Celeste Bowering, Odipo Agbolauje, 
    and Kathleen Reiland.

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