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Subject: Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center: Theorists and Critics

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I found this new (to me, anyway) site on the web and thought others
might find it interesting.  It has almost no French Feminism (though
lots of French theorists) on the site, however, so if someone has the
time maybe they can contribute something (or make suggestions).  There
are some good feminist materials on this site, though.
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Theodor Adorno

Louis Althusser

Houston A. Baker, Jr.

Mikhail Bakhtin

Roland Barthes

Jean Baudrillard

Walter Benjamin

Pierre Bourdieu

Judith Butler

Noam Chomsky

Guy Debord

Deleuze and Guattari

Jacques Derrida

Manthia Diawara

Umberto Eco

Michel Foucault

Clifford Geertz

Paul Gilroy

Antonio Gramsci

Jürgen Habermas

Stuart Hall

Donna Haraway

bell hooks

Harold Innis

Arthur Jafa

Frederic Jameson

Jacques Lacan

Wahneema Lubiano

Jean François Lyotard

Marx & Engels

Friedrich Nietzsche

Edward Said

Jean Paul Sartre

E.P. Thompson

Raymond Williams

Slavoj Zizek
  • Civil Society, Fanaticism, and Digital Reality: A Conversation with Slavoj Zizek

Scholars on the Web
Michael Bérubé - University of Illinois, USA
Timothy Burke - Swarthmore College, USA
Judith Butler - University of California-Berkeley, USA
Timothy Dugdale - University of Windsor, Canada
Itamar Even-Zohar - Tel Aviv University, Israel
John Fiske - University of Wisconsin, USA
Bob Hope-Hume - Murdoch University, Australia
Earl Jackson, Jr. - University of California-Santa Cruz, USA
Stephen Muecke - University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Mark Poster - University of California-Irvine, USA
Gil Rodman - University of South Florida, USA
Rob Shields - Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Paul Smith - George Mason University, USA
McKenzie Wark - Macquarie University, Australia

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