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Subject: CFP: The Female Principle


The Female Principle: Eclipses and Re-Emergences

UTA Conference on the Suppressions and Reassertions of 
The Female Principle in Human Cultures. 

University of Texas at Arlington, March 30-April 1, 2000. 

This conference recognizes the suppression of femaleness as a primary
meaning of Western and other cultures over a long period. It seeks to
identify, document, account for, and interpret this suppression via the
specific forms it takes from early periods to the present, and to
identify and describe newly developing practices that counter it. 

Proposals from all fields of the humanities and social sciences are
welcome. Papers may deal with suppressions exclusively (and the
concealments of suppression), or with re-emergences, or both, and may
draw on the following as a possible framework: 

Bearing a positive social value in an advanced Asian society as late as
the seventh century, the female principle sinks into general anathema in
the West by the time of classical civilization, and into near oblivion
by the time of the early church. There it remains, under powerful forms
of social repression, into the twentieth century. Then, via numerous
separate discourses, pluralist thought creates a climate of opinion in
which femaleness can re-emerge in literary, philosophical, religious,
and other languages under a positive sign. 

Papers may be historical and/or interpretive accounts of specific forms
of suppression (and concealments of suppression) in discourses and
social practices worldwide. 

Proposal Deadline: Sept. 20, 1999. 

For Submission Information see
Contact: Luanne Frank,

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