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Date: 29 Jul 1999 12:20:02 EDT
Subject: Re: Irigaray on Divinty


Grace Jantzen has a new book, *Becoming Divine: Toward a Feminist Philosophy of
Religion*, which, as the title indicates, is pretty dependent on Irigaray. Her
bibliography isn't as up to the minute as it might be. I have a piece in the
*Journal of Religion* (1998) on "Belief Itself" that has a bib that was
reasonably up to date at the time, particularly with regard to the debates
around "Divine Women." Two things on Irigaray and religion that I missed at the
time -- 

Grace Jantzen, "Feminism and Pantheism" *The Monist* 80 (1997): 266-85.

Graham Ward, "Divinity and Sexuality: Luce Irigaray and Christology" *Modern
Theology* 12 (1996): 221-37.

Graham Ward also has a book about religion and social theory that has stuff
about Irigaray and religion; as do Pamela Sue Anderson's *Feminist Philosophy
of Religion* and Daphne Hampson's *After Christianity.

There's also been alot of Italian stuff, much of it not translated, but that
probably takes you farther afield than you want.

Hope some of this is helpful!


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