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Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 17:51:11 -0400
Subject: Fwd: Calling all Brazen Femmes

Brazen: Transgressing Femme Identity 
Call for Submissions

Brazen femmes of all sorts are invited and encouraged to submit both
written and visual work for publication in an anthology on experiences of
femme identity. As the editors of Brazen: Transgressing Femme Identity we
look forward to considering contributions of photography, fiction and
non-fiction, including: poetry, short stories, first-person narratives,
creative nonfiction, as well as autobiographical, historical, and/or
theoretical writing. 

We particularly seek submissions that consider femme identity as
complicated by experiences of transgender/trans-sexuality, race,
ethnicity, class, and queerness. Rather than emphasizing explanations and
definitions, Brazen will explore femme identity through description,
reflection, and interpretation, and will recognize femme as in flux and in
motion, as mutable and contradictory.

Brazen will be an anthology that recognizes and represents femme as an
identity on its own terms. We want to encourage representations of femme
that are not subsumed by sexual and gender binaries, such as male/female,
butch/femme, gay/straight. However, Brazen will reveal the ways in which
many of these binaries -- especially bad girl/good girl, virgin/whore --
continue to shape experiences of femme.

Brazen: Transgressing Femme Identity  will reflect a diversity of
experiences that straddle the space between pleasure and danger, power and
vulnerability in relation to four key areas: aesthetics/performance,
family/home, ambition/work, and desire/sexuality. Therefore, contributors
might consider (but should not feel limited to) femme identity in relation
to any of the following motifs:

- dress-codes, fashion, costuming, style
- social tales, public encounters and persona
- gender as performed, as drag, as constructed, as put-on, as chosen
- femme as resisting or revolutionizing femininity and/or masculinity
- coming out as femme, aging as femme 
- childhood tales, femme sons and daughters
- families, children, partners, domesticity, home
- sisterhood, community and femme honor
- ambition, work, professional identity, institutional and social power
- sex trade work, alliances between femmes and whores	
- tales of sex, sexuality, pleasure, desire, power

Visual Submissions: Send 5x7 proof prints or laser copies, portfolios of
up to ten compositions maximum. 
Text Submissions: Send two double-spaced hard copies, 20 pages or 10,000
words maximum.

Include your name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email address, a
brief bio and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Email entries will not
be considered.

Deadline for Submissions: postmarked by OCTOBER 15, 1999

Send submissions to: 

Brazen Anthology 
PO Box 243
Station E
Toronto, ON
M6H 4E2 

For more information contact:

ChloŽ Brushwood Rose	
Anna Camilleri	

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