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Subject: profanity and gender
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 22:30:30 PDT


I'm a graduate student working on a paper on profanity and gender usage.  
Perhaps I should explain myself...

I propose that there are inherent differences in the use of profanity and 
gender.  We see them on a daily basis, but we rarely take notice of them, 
except to become offended.  I was wondering if any one knew of any studies 
regarding the issue, or places I might be able to look to find some.  An 
example of what I mean would be the swear "bitch," which, when directed at a 
woman, is a derogative term and means she is mean, domineering and terrible. 
  Whereas, when the term "bitch" is applied to a man, it means that he is 
powerless, without strength, a 'beta-male' as it were.

I've been stymied in my search since, when I search the Internet for 
'profanity and gender' or the like, I'm generally given pornography sites or 
a Norwegian rock band, neither of which being what I'm looking for.


Irene Unpingco
Graduate Student

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