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Subject: [Fwd: FYI:  Women in French Studies]

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Forgive the cross-post....
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From: (Judith Ezekiel)
Subject: FYI:  Women in French Studies
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>Cross-post from H-France
>The seventh annual Women in French Studies is now available, and copies
>will be sent to members of Women in French or subscribers.  The issue is
>261 pages and includes a special section of articles on  Amitie Feminine
>from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, as well as articles on
>Assia Djebar  and Euzhan Palcy. There is also a section of articles, some
>on texts in drag, from a conference by Women in French in the United
>Kingdom.  (This includes articles on Tahar ben Jelloun,Yourcenar, and
>Mallarme.)  There is also a long interview with Michele Rakotoson, the
>writer from Madagascar.  Also an interview with the contemporary French
>poet Claire Malroux, and a poem by her.
>In the past we have sent sample copies to university departments and
>libraries, but we no longer will do this.
>Susbscriptions are $12 for the US and Canada, and $24 for other countries
>(by air mail).  Orders should be sent to Adrianna Paliyenko, Colby
>College, Waterville ME 04901.  (Some copies of Vol. 3 -1995, Vol. 5 -1997
>and Vol.6- 1998, are also available at the same price.)

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