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Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 22:56:11 -0600
Subject: Wittig favour


I regularly have to order Monique Wittig's "Lesbian Peoples: Material
for Dictionary" through Interlibrary loan since it is not in my library
here and is now out of print and can no longer be purchased.

The first time I did this I received a copy that contained a lovely
epigraph that I forgot to jot down.

I re-ordered the book and received a copy that does not contain this
epigraph.  I'm not certain if this is because it was a different
printing (American vs. British/Canadian; or a reprint) or if it because
of the way the library bound the book, but I would love a copy of this
epigraph if someone has a copy that contains it.

Many thanks, as always,


Kathleen O'Grady
Department of Religious Studies
University of Calgary, Alberta
2500 University Drive NW
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