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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 12:15:25 -0500
Subject: WMST-L 

	Hi.  I'm not sure whether this message will go through, since
I'm not a subscriber to french-feminism, but I thought I'd try.  Below
is a message about WMST-L that I sent privately to Amy Vondrak in
response to a query she sent to french-feminism.

	Joan Korenman, WMST-L listowner  (

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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 12:11:35 -0500
From: J. Korenman <>
Subject: WMST-L

	Hi.  Several people have forwarded to me a message that you
sent to the french-feminism list asking about WMST-L.  WMST-L is most
definitely an open list and not in the least local: it has more than
4000 subscribers in 47 countries.  Here is a publicity blurb that
describes the list and includes instructions for subscribing.  More 
info, including a link to the web version of the WSMT-L File List,
can be found at .  Here's
the blurb:

        WMST-L is an international electronic forum for people involved in
Women's Studies as teachers, researchers, librarians, and/or program
administrators.  It offers a rapid and cost-free way for participants to
ask questions and exchange information about the academic side of Women's
Studies: current research, teaching strategies, useful texts and films,
innovative courses, funding sources, building Women's Studies majors,
minors, and graduate programs, relations between Women's Studies and other
"minority studies" programs, and other academic issues.  WMST-L also
publishes announcements about relevant conferences, calls for papers, job
opportunities, publications, and the like.  It serves, too, as a file
repository for syllabi, bibliographies, and other files related to Women's
Studies.  In addition, it carries weekly feminist film reviews.  

        Because of heavy mail volume, WMST-L must adhere to its relatively
narrow scope.  It is NOT a list for discussing politics, male/female
relations, or other gender-related societal issues, nor is it the place for
undergraduates to seek help with term papers or projects.

        Established in May 1991, WMST-L currently has more than 4000
subscribers in forty-seven countries, ranging from the United States and
Canada to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Singapore, and Australia. 

        Anyone with computer access to the Internet can subscribe to
WMST-L.  There is no charge.  To subscribe, send the following e-mail
message to LISTSERV-AT-UMDD.UMD.EDU:  Subscribe WMST-L Your Name.  For
                Subscribe WMST-L Jane Doe

You will receive a message back asking you to confirm your subscription
request by simply using your mail system's REPLY feature and typing the
word OK.  That's all the body of the message should say: OK.  

        Once you subscribe, you will receive via electronic mail all
messages that are sent  to WMST-L, and you may also send messages for
distribution to subscribers  (only subscribers may post messages).  An
edited daily digest version is  also available for those who would prefer
to receive fewer individual  messages.  Messages for distribution
(announcements, questions, replies,  etc.) should be sent to
WMST-L-AT-UMDD.UMD.EDU .  Please note: only messages  that you want everyone
to read should be sent to this address.  All  subscription-related commands
(subscribe, signoff, etc.) should go to  LISTSERV-AT-UMDD.UMD.EDU .

        If you have questions about WMST-L, contact Joan Korenman at the
Center for Women and Information Technology, UMBC, Baltimore, MD 21250  USA.  

	Best wishes,

	Joan Korenman

	Joan Korenman, Director
	Center for Women and Information Technology
	University of Maryland, Baltimore County
	Baltimore, MD 21250  USA

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